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I started this company in 2001 after I had ordered a throttle quadrant from Van’s. The Van’s quadrant at that time was not of the quality I had wanted to build into my RV-4 I thought that I could design a quadrant that would be like what I had flown in Stearmans and AT6 aircraft. I wanted a smooth friction system with high quality materials to be used in the construction with out stickers for the words. On a clean sheet of paper ( CAD software). I used an old military quad as a benchmark for my design. With many changes I came up with my first quadrant a SMCT3L that was 1.5” wide. The letters were engraved 90degs. to the axis and the levers were so close together that I had to stagger the holes to install the narrowest of clevis pins. And it was heavy!!. I changed the top, side plates, friction plates, hardware and coatings to what I make today. Over the last 10 years I have added 5 more models, designed the prototype throttle quadrants for the Javelin Jet and other aircraft. I co-designed the RV-10 throttle quadrant and produce them for Van’s.
 We are looking forward to producing high quality products for the experimental in the years to follow.  
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